Family Day 2018

The Graceland Experience

August 26

Merwin Meadows \ Wilton, CT


Schedule of Events

2:00 - 3:00



3:00 - 4:00



Jay and Ray were born to play!  Their passion for music comes from fond childhood memories and families that encouraged and inspired musical learning.  Ray's first word was guitar (says mom!) and Jay’s mother, who was a music teacher, encouraged him and was passionate about promoting music since he was a little boy. They met originally teaching and then later bumped into each other on the playground as stay at home dads. Jay and Ray saw the value in a new style music education program that incorporated music, movement, and fun.   The vision of their teachings is to ‘make learning music about joy’.  Whether a class, party or school event, Jay and Ray’s performances are energetic, silly and fun, rooted in play based learning.  It is an exploration of rhythm, melody and movement through their original songs.  They have had the pleasure of performing for tens of thousands of children and their families.


4:15 - 5:15

Idle Kyle

Nicole Schaefer

Nicole is a composer, performer and producer from the Philadelphia area. She began classical training on the piano at age four. At age eleven, she began studying and performing rock and roll which led her to discover a love for all things stemming from the blues. She shares her passion with listeners by creating compositions that embeds a modern perspective in the traditions of her musical lineage.

Throughout her formative years, Nicole played keyboards in various jazz, rock and pop bands. While studying jazz piano and music production at Penn State, Nicole gained experience working with an array of musicians and groups, ranging from rap artists to classical avant garde ensembles. In August of 2016, Nicole independently released her first EP titled Black & White. Since then, she has been recording as the lead vocalist and keyboardist of rock group Idle Kyle, with releases that may be found on Spotify or iTunes.

As a keyboardist and vocalist, Nicole has been fortunate enough to share stages with Haley Jane and The Primates, Dropkick Murpheys, and John Wetton (Asia), while recently opening for the New York Voices as the pianist of Inner Dimensions Big Band. Notable venues and events

Sebastian I. Goodridge

Sebastian is a bandsman, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Northern Virginia. He began reading and playing music at a young age, eventually splitting his high school years between competitive All-Virginia bands/orchestras and recording amateur rock EPs with his friends at home.

Completing a double major in music tech. and engineering science enhanced Sebastian's natural passion for working with sound. He was awarded the College of Arts & Architecture's Creative Achievement Award for his extensive participation in local music. While working as an audio engineer, he formed key connections with beachy progressive indie outfit Palmlines and the dream folk project Sea Offs (whose debut LP featured him and Nicole). After successfully collaborating on Nicole's first solo release, the two formed Idle Kyle under a mutual love for jazz and the blues, but in a format more akin to their favorite rock bands.

Sebastian recently completed a jazz performance certificate under the direction of Marko Marcinko. As a drummer, he has been fortunate enough to have shared the stage with artists such as Antonio Hart, John Fedchock, Jon Faddis, Tim Warfield Jr, Steve Rudolph, Jay Ashby, Xavier Davis, and more recently The New York Voices


5:30 - 7:00



In the summer of 2016, Bakithi Kumalo - the original bass player on Paul Simon's Graceland Album - was scheduled to perform his original music at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. From that booking the concept of a "Graceland 30th Anniversary Tribute" was born. Backed by an all-star band and featuring many of the best singers at the Festival, the tribute was a monster hit. Lead vocalist Ryan Tennis suggested keeping the project alive and assembled an all-star band centered around Kumalo, whose iconic bass lines and bright smile bring authenticity to a show that's passion, energy, and pulsing South African rhythms go far beyond that of a standard "tribute band."

Featuring all of the Grammy-winning hits ("Call Me Al", "Graceland", "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes", etc) and performed by some of Philadelphia's finest musicians (with members of Amos Lee's band and other standouts), The Graceland project is the feel-good, sing-along night of the year.